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a year ago May 11,2023, 17:30:33 PM

Introducing the Amplitude Insiders Program

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Working with our players to improve our games has always been a core part of Amplitude’s strategy. From the very beginning with Endless Space, we used early access to get feedback from our players and formed the VIP program, a small group of trusted players who give us their feedback on designs and playable alpha versions before anybody else. We have also used votes and contests to let our community influence additions to our games. Most recently, we have been using the OpenDev program to get feedback from many players over a short period of time. However, between VIPs and OpenDev, there’s a middle ground we are aiming to fill. 

Introducing the Insiders Program

Some subjects require feedback from a large number of players who’ve had time to familiarize themselves with the game, for example questions of balance or pacing. This is where the new Insiders program comes in, forming a large group of players we can invite to test our games for several weeks and share their thoughts with us to refine and polish the game. 

Anybody who has applied to become an Insider may be invited to test any of our current or future projects. During these tests, these Insiders will receive access to a test version of the game, as well as dedicated channels to share their feedback, ask questions, and talk to the team. We may also give additional perks ranging from forum avatars or wallpapers to free content for the tested game to active Insiders, and valuable contributors to the program may be given VIP status. 


So, how do you become an Insider and test one of our games? 

  1. Fill out the Sign-up Form. This makes you a potential tester for our future projects; no need to reapply for each game! 
  2. Make sure you have an Amplifiers account using the email provided in Step 1 and linked to your Steam account. (This is required to grant you access to any test versions.) 
  3. Shortly before we launch a testing period we think you would be a good match for, you will receive a reminder email, giving you time to verify you have completed Step 2 before the test begins. 
  4. When the test version is ready, you will receive an email notification about it. 
  5. Go to your rewards page on Amplifiers and redeem access to the test version 
  6. Play the game on Steam 
  7. Give us your feedback in the dedicated spaces on Amplifiers and Discord 


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Important Notice

By applying to the Insiders program, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the practices set out in the Privacy Policy, and agree to receive emails from us about this program. Your responses will be kept strictly confidential and will be processed by Amplitude Studios in accordance with this policy. 

Please note that the Insiders program will be run only in English, and beta versions will be available only through Steam for Windows PCs. Furthermore, a steam-linked Amplifiers account is required to redeem access to any test version. We reserve the right to remove any person from the program if they breach the confidentiality of information shared with them or otherwise act in ways disruptive to the program. 


We want to use the Insiders program to get regular feedback from a large number of players, but to encourage discussions between players and the team, we are limiting the number of available spots. Applying to the Insiders program does not mean you will definitely be part of any given test, but you will be kept in a pool of potential players for future tests. If you have any questions about the program, check out the FAQ below or ask us in the comments. 

Your feedback and experience as players are invaluable to us when refining our games, so we hope that you will be willing to lend us a hand with testing and discussing our games. 

We look forward to hearing from you. 



Do I need to own the game being tested to participate in the Insiders program for it? 

No, game ownership is generally not a prerequisite for participating in the Insiders program, though exceptions may apply in some circumstances (e.g. testing of DLC content). 


Does owning the game being tested guarantee participation in the Insiders test? 

No, game ownership does not guarantee participation in the Insiders program. 


I pre-ordered an edition that includes Closed Beta access (e.g. the Last Wish Edition of Endless Dungeon). Does this mean I am part of the Insiders test? 

No, the Insiders program is separate from other beta test periods, and participating in one does not mean you are automatically part of the other. 


I applied to the program but have not received an invitation to test the game. What do I do? 

Please be patient. By filling out the application form, you are joining the Amplitude-wide Insiders program, not a specific test for a given game. While we invite a large number of players to each test, not all Insiders will participate in every test, and test periods will generally not be announced publicly. Not receiving an invite to a given test does not mean you are not an Insider anymore, so keep an eye on your inbox. You might just find a surprise one day. 


I have received the invitation email about the test version being available, but it is not available in my Steam library. What do I do? 

To access the test version, you need to redeem it through Amplifiers. First, go to your profile page and verify that your account is steam-linked. We recommend you click the button on the right to sync your steam-link. Once you have confirmed this, go to your rewards page, where you should find a reward of the test version at the top of the page. Redeeming this reward should grant add the test version to your Steam library. 


Where and how can I share my feedback? 

We will be using hidden Amplifiers forum sections as well as a dedicated Discord servers to interact with our testers and collect their feedback. The email you receive when a test version is ready will include links to the relevant platforms. We may also occasionally ask you to fill out a survey about your experience with the test. 


Can I share content based on the beta version, e.g. screenshots or videos? 

No, all information shared as part of the Insiders program is considered confidential. This includes any screenshots or footage of the test build as well as written information shared with our testers, unless otherwise specified. 


Can I invite a friend to join the program? 

No, you cannot directly invite anybody to the program. However, feel free to share the application form with your friends so they can be considered for future tests. 


What is Amplifiers / GAMES2GETHER?  

Games2Gether is a proprietary game co-creation platform conceived and built by Amplitude Studios. It’s where we communicate with our community and allow them to give us their input on game dev, via standard tools like dev blogs and forum, but also through more unique tools like votes, contests, ideas, badges, rewards, help, tutorials, and more.  

Amplifiers is the Amplitude Studios Games2Gether – more info on that here.  


What is the Amplitude Insiders Program?  

The Insiders program is a chance for a select group of players to test our games for an extended period before launch and help us to refine and polish the experience.  

From Endless Space to Humankind to Endless Dungeon, working with players has always been vital to how we make games at Amplitude Studios, and the Insiders program plays a crucial role in gathering player feedback. 

This program applies to current and future projects, so we may reach out to applicants about other testing opportunities in the future. 

To participate in the Insiders program, you will need a steam-linked Games2Gether account to access the playtest version of the game. 


Who are Amplitude Studios?  

Amplitude Studios SAS is a team of experienced, quality driven video game lovers and creators of the finest strategy games with the help of our players! Founded in 2011 and acquired by SEGA in 2016, we are a team of over 170 developers based in Paris with an international team hailing from all over the world.  

Our most current titles include the upcoming ENDLESS DUNGEON™, a squad-based rogue-lite tactical action game, and HUMANKIND™, a historical strategy epic where players combine cultures and lead their people from the Ancient to the Modern Era. We’re best known for our critically acclaimed ENDLESS™ series, played by millions worldwide, including ENDLESS SPACE™, ENDLESS LEGEND™, Dungeon of the ENDLESS™, and ENDLESS SPACE 2™. 

Our close relationship with the community is a core feature of the studio’s philosophy. We’re proud of the way we create games together with our players via Games2Gether, our custom-built community platform that enables our community to play a key role in the creation of our games at every stage of development. 

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a year ago
May 11, 2023, 5:36:36 PM

All done, now let's get this road on the show, or something, anyway, what a great idea!

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a year ago
May 11, 2023, 5:46:42 PM

Don't fall for it, guys, it's called 'Insiders' because they'll have a Sophon steal your consciousness and put it inside a pug.

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a year ago
May 11, 2023, 5:58:12 PM

I'm interested in playing humankind, but I don't have time for other games.

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a year ago
May 11, 2023, 6:50:42 PM
DNLH wrote:

Don't fall for it, guys, it's called 'Insiders' because they'll have a Sophon steal your consciousness and put it inside a pug.

Ever wanted to get stripped of my consciousness by a sophon. 

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a year ago
May 11, 2023, 9:05:17 PM

An interesting development. Signed up.

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a year ago
May 11, 2023, 9:29:34 PM
DNLH wrote:

Don't fall for it, guys, it's called 'Insiders' because they'll have a Sophon steal your consciousness and put it inside a pug.

Signed up and I'll take that chance. I just hope they run out of pugs and put me in a pomeranian instead. 

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a year ago
May 11, 2023, 9:58:34 PM

Signed up as well even if I have not been very active of late.

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a year ago
May 12, 2023, 10:36:13 PM

I prefer 4X strategy games like Endless Space 2 or Humankind to Endless Dungeon, but Endless Dungeon is also a game I look forward to

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