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Code of Conduct

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3 years ago
Aug 17, 2021, 10:32:11 AM

The Amplitude community is meant to be a welcoming and inclusive place for our players to meet and interact with us and each other. To ensure it stays that way, we expect our players to stick to the following principles. 

  • Be respectful: Treat other users with courtesy, whether you agree with them or not. 
  • Be kind: Put your best foot forward and be helpful where you can. 
  • Be mindful: Remember that disagreements can stem from misunderstandings. Don’t immediately assume malice. 


These principles are backed by a set of rules that we will use to moderate our community spaces. Breaking any of these rules will result in disciplinary action that may range from warnings to temporary or permanent bans. Attempts to circumvent these rules through clever phrasing, dog whistles, or other means will be treated as the equivalent rule violation. 


  1. No obscene or vulgar language:
    The Amplitude forums are meant to be a pleasant place, so please keep your tone appropriate. 
  2. No personal attacks, defamatory language, or harassment:
    Keep discussions civil. Even if you strongly disagree about a topic or idea, do not resort to insults, attacks, or otherwise targeting another user or group of users. 
  3. No trolling or baiting:
    Trolling and baiting are broad terms, but both are intended to provoke and cause disruption. Posts intended to start trouble are not acceptable. 
  4. No spamming:
    Spamming is generally promoting external sites unrelated to Amplitude Studios or our games, but it can also mean excessive bumping or reposting of threads. 
  5. No adult content:
    Anything considered NSFW is not allowed, even if it could be considered borderline. If in doubt, do not post. 
  6. No Real-Life personal information:
    Respect the privacy of other forum users. Do not share personal or identifiable information about any user, including yourself. 
  7. No discrimination or hate speech:
    There will be 0 tolerance towards discrimination of any type: politics, religion, race, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, physical appearance, age, disability, etc.   
  8. No illegal content:
    Posting links to illegal downloads or website, promoting drugs, encouraging criminal acts, and any other nefarious activity is strictly forbidden. 
  9. No impersonating staff, mods, or other users:
    Passing yourself off as someone you are not will not be taken lightly. 
  10. Circumventing bans or disciplinary actions:
    People that are banned are no longer welcome and all attempts to bypass a ban will not be tolerated. Also, the Amplitude forums are not the place to contest disciplinary actions: If you want to appeal an action, reach out to the moderation team directly. 


Breaking these rules will usually result in a warning, but repeated or severe rules breaches may lead to temporary or permanent bans. If you have been banned and believe this was not justified, you can reach the Amplitude community team at community@Amplitude-studios.com to make an appeal. 

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3 years ago
Aug 17, 2021, 10:40:02 AM

Obscene or Vulgar Language:

This category includes:

  • General use of profanity.
  • Language considered objectionable and inappropriate.
  • Inappropriate reference to human anatomy or bodily functions.
  • Bypassing or masking profanity.
  • Promoting or referencing extremely violent real-life actions.

Personal Attack, Defamatory Language, or Harassment:

This category Includes:

  • Abusive behavior intended to cause discomfort or demean others.
  • Insults towards other players, moderators, Amplitude staff, or groups of people.
  • Insulting or demeaning language against others with mental or physical disabilities.
  • Insulting or demeaning language against others of specific age groups.
  • Insulting or demeaning language against others with specific physical appearances.
  • Insulting or demeaning language against others with specific voices or styles.
  • Real-Life threats
  • Promoting or encouraging real-life violence in any capacity
  • Promoting or encouraging self-inflicted harm of others in any capacity

Trolling or Baiting:

This category includes:

  • Posting for the sole purpose of causing disturbances or unrest.
  • Posting false or misleading information deliberately.
  • Posting or sharing conspiracy theories.
  • Provoking others by picking fights and derailing conversations with off-topic posts.
  • Making non-constructive or non-civil posts.
  • Abusing the report and moderation request features.


This category includes:

  • Advertising non-Amplitude related businesses, organizations, or websites.
  • Excessively posting the same phrase, similar phrases, or pure gibberish.
  • Creating new threads on topics that are actively discussed in existing threads.
  • Creating separate threads about an actively discussed topic in more than one forum.
  • Posting or creating threads with the sole purpose of linking to another thread or post.

Adult Content:

This category includes:

  • Posting content that is pornographic in nature.
  • Promoting or referencing extremely violent sexual acts.
  • Promoting or referencing gore and other vile material.

Real-Life Personal Information:

This category includes:

  • Distributing real-life information about other players, moderators, or Amplitude staff.
  • Releasing personal or sensitive real-life information about yourself.

Discrimination or Hate Speech:

This category includes:

  • Promoting racial or ethnic hatred or alluding to symbols of such.
  • Promoting national hatred or alluding to symbols of such.
  • Negatively portraying any aspect of sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.
  • Negatively portraying political ideologies or parties.
  • Negatively portraying religious beliefs, religions, or religions figures.

Illegal Content:

This category includes:

  • Promoting or referencing the abuse of illegal drugs.
  • Promoting or referencing the performance of illegal activities.
  • Promoting or sharing cheats, hacks, or malicious viruses/malware.
  • Promoting or sharing pirated software or media.
  • Promoting or sharing content in violation of the EULA

Impersonating staff, mods, or other users:

This category includes:

  • Posting for the purpose of luring others to share personal information.
  • Passing yourself off as an Amplitude Studios employee.
  • Passing yourself off as a moderator.
  • Passing yourself off as another person.

Circumventing bans or other disciplinary actions:

This category includes:

  • Creating posts or threads to discuss or challenge disciplinary actions.
  • Circumventing bans by posting on other accounts.
  • Circumventing bans by having someone post on your behalf.
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