The Second Chance OpenDev have finished. Do not forge to follow our social channels, here and Discord to keep you informed about Endless Dungeon

Hello there, 

If this is the first time you heard about the game or that you wanted to give it a try, the team and I wanted to welcome you! For the rest of the lovely community, here we present to you the “Second Chance” OpenDev of ENDLESS™ Dungeon.  

On the previous OpenDev, “First Run” we set the scope into the core loop of exploring, preparing the defenses, fighting etc. We have seen that you have enjoyed the experience (same as we do) and that is one of the main elements that drive us to have this “Second Chance” OpenDev. 

Before going into the details...

Any player:  Oh, S**t, here we go again...
Editor: Please Daarkarrow stop, go straight to the point omg! just tell them what they want!

  • Multiplayer: YES, you will be able to play solo and co-op online with friends or using the matchmaking to find new people. 

  • Shroom”: A lot of people have requested to being able to play with this lovely hero since the first videos, and well, here you have it. But to unlock it you will have to do certain things in the game. 

  • Discover the new monsters family, the Blobs: These are generally the results of laboratory tests or other mutations. As they have no society or group, they tend to roam as individuals or in small groups, feeding and reproducing.
    Apart from the Blobs you will encounter your “old friends”, the Bots and the Bugs 

  • Meta Progression: On the “Second Chance” you will be able to start grasping the different elements that will be part of the Meta Progression of Endless Dungeon. We wanted you to discover it, but you will have: 

    • Beverages: that will add specific modifiers to the next run. You will have some that will make things a bit easier and others that will offers you a challenge. 

    • Crystal and Hero chips: there will be some additional modifications tie to each heroes and the crystal bot. 

  • More Turrets, More devices, More hero upgrades etc. 

There are A LOT of new things, as you will see... But we haven't finished here.  

We have prepared a “Station Challenges” so you can try to be the best among the players on the different “task/challenges” we have thought for you. But we will give you more details about it tomorrow. 

The “Second Chance” OpenDev will be running from today 17th to the 28th of November.  

We cannot wait to see all your feedback about this OpenDev. You can use all the different channels to give us your feedback (G2G, Discord, Steam etc).

Have fun :)

⚠️ If you have played on the first OpenDev you should delete the folder located on ...\Documents\TED to avoid any problems with previous saves


  • What are the specs required to play this “Second Chance” OpenDev. 
    • Windows 10, 64-bit  
    • Intel i7 10700 / AMD Ryzen 5 5800X   
    • NVIDIA GTX 970 / RTX 2060 / AMD R9 390 / RX 490 / RX 580  
    • 16Go RAM
  • You mentioned multiplayer, how does it work? 
    • Multiplayer is one of the main focuses of this “Second Chance” OpenDev. You will be able to look for a game (like matchmaking) to play with more people or create a session to play with your friends
  • How can I join this OpenDev?  
    • Login to your G2G account, fill out the short questionnaire and accept the conditions. If you do not have a GAMES2GETHER account, please create one (it's completely free) 
    • If you are selected, you will receive an email in the following days.

  • In what regions will ENDLESS™ Dungeon “Second Chance” OpenDev will be available?  
    • The OpenDev will be available worldwide, but will only be playable in English. ENDLESS™ Dungeon will however be localized in several other languages at its release.    
  • How long will the OpenDev stay in my Steam library?  
    • The “Second Chance” OpenDev is time limited and only on Steam for Windows on PC. Once it ends, it will disappear from your library. It will end the 28th of November
  • Do I need a controller?  
    • No, you will be able to play with keyboard and mouse as well. We recommend using a controller, if you have it. 
  • Where can I follow ENDLESS™ Dungeon news and talk to other players?  
    • You can join us and our community on Games2Gether, our official Discord or Steam. 
  • I am having trouble creating my Games2Gether account! What can I do?  
    • If you are facing any problems creating your Games2Gether account, please reach out to SEGA Customer Support if a description of your problem.