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a year ago Aug 21,2023, 14:01:04 PM

Closed Beta Announcement and Buddy Pass

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Today we are happy to announce something you have been asking about these past months: When will we have the next Beta?!
We already teased that it would be around 1 month before release and that's precisely what will happen :P

Closed Beta Announcement and Dates

We are happy to say that the Closed Beta will start on September 7th at 18:00 CEST and will last until September 18th at the same hour.

Who can access the beta?

This Closed Beta is part of the Digital "Last Wish Edition" and will be available on both Steam and Epic Games Store. No consoles this time around, but we are excited for console players to join us at release.

Content and focus of this Closed Beta

As you know the game releases in almost a month, on the 19th of October. 

That is why our main focus will be that you are having a nice moment with your friends (sneak peek for the Buddy Pass below). Of course, any additional feedback you provide during that period will be taken into consideration for the release or after (depending on the feedback).  

Small note: As some of you have been asking about this, we will keep supporting the game after the release with patches and new content. 

Okay, let's get into what you will be able to play on this Closed Beta:

  • Play alone or co-op with up to 3 players.
  • Up to 4 different heroes to play: Bunker, Zed, and Shroom will be unlocked from the beginning, and you will be able to unlock Blaze
    Each of the heroes will have some quest for you to fulfill which will unlock more slots to improve your heroes, and additional elements. 
  • Access to 5 Districts: Some districts will need a key to get access to, but that's something you will need to look for during your runs.
  • Encounter 3 families of monsters; Bugs, Bots, and Blobs: Be careful with all of them, even the smaller ones can be quite annoying, so do not forget to prepare your defenses and check the map to see their patterns.
  • 2 Bosses, Shelldiver and Bug Momma: if you have played a previous OpenDev you might recognise them. But the team has made some changes to each of them. Be prepared!
  • And More content...

Buddy Pass

We know that many of you want to play and try the game with friends. After some checking, we found this was the best solution for most of you. 

What is it and how will it work? 

The Buddy Pass works for owners of the digital "Last Wish Edition" on Steam only. It will give you extra accesses to share/gift to friends. To be more precise, you will get +2 copies in your Steam inventory, to share. 

That key that your friends will redeem will give them access to a specific version of the beta with ONLY the multiplayer mode, so they can play with you or search for other users to play with. 

We will activate this on the day the Beta starts (September 7th). Therefore, if you already own that version (Last Wish Edition), you will get those extra accesses on Steam that day. 


Also, we will be working alongside some Content Creators, so keep an eye on the different social media, and make sure your Twitch and Games2Gether accounts are linked, as perhaps there are some surprises in that sense. 

If you are at Gamescom (Hall 8.1) , do not hesitate to come over, play the game and say Hi to the team ^-^

The Team cannot wait for you to try the game after all the changes and improvements they have made in the past months.
Here is a recap of some of the most important topics from the previous OpenDev.

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a year ago
Aug 21, 2023, 2:51:51 PM

Didn't anticipate the 'Buddy Pass' thing, really pleased that I can try the game out with a couple of friends that might be tentative otherwise!

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a year ago
Aug 21, 2023, 9:29:20 PM

Agreed the buddy pass is a good idea. Can use it to try and lure my friends into buying it.

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a year ago
Aug 23, 2023, 1:13:53 AM

I'm guessing because I bought the physical day one edition on PC I will not be able to take part in this closed beta? It's not a huge loss for me tho, I've had 70 hours of insider game-play already!

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a year ago
Aug 23, 2023, 4:20:33 PM

Hi!! I reserved my copy of Last Wish on a store, can I get access to the beta? Do i need to contact the store and they need to provide me the beta access, or do i need to contact support to get it? So stoked to play, would be a bummer to miss the beta. Would also love to stream it and give away the buddy passes, if that is allowed. Cheers!

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