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4 months ago Feb 01,2024, 15:47:04 PM

Question by the Devs


Hey everyone! 

Today we wanted to start a section that has been super valuable for the team in the past, the "Question by the Devs".  


As a summary, it is a section we started before the release of the game, to gather specific feedback from Insiders and VIPs, and has been helpful during our development phase. This is the reason we wanted to bring this initiative to the entire community, as it could generate amazing ideas and discussions around certain topics


To be honest, this is something we recently shared these questions on individual threads instead of dedicated blogs, so that we don’t spam your news feed with every question that we have for you, to avoid having a feeling of spam. This is why we wanted to take the opportunity to have on this blog a "recap" of the initial 3 questions. 


We will be posting threads on the forums and then doing some recaps, for those of you that are less active in forums (or you just missed them). 

As you can imagine we wanted to start with the topics that have been introduced/changed in the latest update, Wild Cards. 


Station Cards
District Drawbacks 
Alternative Monsters


In each of the discussions, you will find some "open" questions that we think could be nice as a starting point and to help people with some guidelines.   

We know there are a lot of potential topics to talk about, and eventually we will, but this is just the beginning. 


Before ending, if you prefer Discord to have this kind of interactions, do not hesitate to join our official Discord!


We cannot wait to get your thoughts and ideas about each of the topics. 

Have a nice day ^-^ 

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