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4 months ago Feb 22,2024, 15:01:20 PM

Viggie CoCreation – Gameplay Style

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Hello hello, 

Today we wanted to do a quick recap regarding the progress of the Co-Creation of Viggie with the community, and share our plans for the following votes!

A bit of context first (in case this is the first time you hear about this). During Amplified and the release of the Wild Cards Update, we started the Co-Creation of Viggie with the community. 

As you probably know, Viggie is an NPC that you can find in the Saloon. She is the one that unlocks new districts to go to when you give her a District Key.

What do we mean by “Co-Creation”? We are doing a series of votes with the community that will determine many aspects of the hero. What is her background? What is her skill, ultimate? What about the quests? etc. 


You will find further below what has been already decided by the community (origins and personality) but let’s focus on the vote that is starting this week, as it is quite important.

Viggie Gameplay style/archetype    

For the next few votes, we are focusing on gameplay elements, starting with the gameplay archetype and following up with her active skill and ultimate skill over the next two months. 


Here some words from the game designer regarding the vision of Viggie:

For this new character that will complete our hero roaster, we’re looking for a singular way to play with her, beyond no-brain shooting. Besides, Viggie, our Crazy GrandMa, has a cool flying chair and already shows clear high-tech abilities in her hacking post in the saloon. With this in mind, making her a support hero makes a lot of sense to us. 

From now on, she will be part of runs, but in her own way for sure. Let's see how exactly she will manage to be a good support while seeking for the truths of the Endless.

We bring you 3 potential different ways we envision Viggie.

  • Protector (long range buffer):  protect the heroes and their defenses 

  • Strategist (long term de-buffer): place traps for monsters 

  • Crowd Controller: use techniques to keep monsters at a distance 

This vote will end on February 29th

Do not hesitate to join our Official Discord or to check G2G to follow when the next votes will be happening! The idea is that these “Game Design” votes will be running for the next 1/2 months.

What has been already decided? 

In the previous 2 votes we have discovered that:
Viggie is a “Crazy Grandma” who arrived in the Station with the purpose to discover (and infiltrate) whatever systems might still be running. As far as she believes, the Station has the best-preserved Endless IT center in the galaxy, and she expects to find many answers to many questions...

If you are curious about the other options of those votes you will find the info directly on the votes (for more information on each of the votes > You can click the images).

Vote 1 – Origins 

Vote 2 - Personallity

Hope you find the different options super interesting.
We cannot wait to see the results of this vote alongside the following ones!

Have a nice day ^-^

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4 months ago
Feb 22, 2024, 5:10:45 PM

Always enjoy these votes. Gets the community involved and gives everyone a chance to influence the future of the game.

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4 months ago
Feb 24, 2024, 7:43:04 AM

wait, according to second clipped text, "complete our hero Roster" Implies Viggie will be last Hero this game is going to get or atleast will be the last base game hero, so 9 heroes in total? Will there be DLC heroes in the future?

Updated 4 months ago.
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