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a year ago Jul 24,2023, 14:04:41 PM

Endless Summer 2023

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Hey everyone!

Those of you who have been following us for a while may remember that a few years ago, we hosted the Endless Summer even, a small mid-year celebration of our games and the Endless universe.

Well, it's back this year!

For two days, we'll be sharing news about our games, and streaming on twitch, so come hang out in chat if you'd like.

Since we're celebrating, our first tower-defense dungeon crawler Dungeon of the Endless is free to grab (and keep) on Steam from today at 19:00 CEST until Thursday the 27th at 19:00 CEST. If you want to check out the predecessor of Endless Dungeon, now's the time!

We've also got 60000 copies each of the Deep Freeze and Rescue Team DLCs for Dungeon of the Endless to give away through the rewards page here on Games2Gether. Go grab your copy while supplies last!

Tune in at twitch.tv/amplitudestudios

So, what's going on in each of these segments?

Community CYOA Comic

Long-time fans will know that we like to involve our players not just in balancing and improving the game, but also in creating the Endless Universe. In the past, we created a novella and a comic with the input of the community, so now it's time to create a comic for Endless Dungeon too! Join us on a little adventure with Cartie... or maybe Shroom? You decide!

Go and vote here

Endless Mixology

What do you get when you tell the inimmitable Jeff Spock that there's a saloon and bar in the new game? A bunch of tasty beverage recipes, that's what.

Our narrative director has even taken the time to show us how to make some of these in a series of short videos, using some proper Endless ingredients!*

Check out the recipe books in your rewards section, and Jeff's bartending on the Endless Universe youtube channel.

Comrade Hero Reveal

Our resident tinkerer sure has a passion for overthrowing The Endless Man. The Endless vanished several thousand years ago, though. We're not sure why he's still going on about them... Maybe we'll find out more in this glimpse at Comrade's backstory.

Check out our look at his gameplay, visual design, and backstory.

Endless Dungeon Update Stream

Since your first opportunity to play Endless Dungeon, many of you have given us (in)valuable feedback on the game. In this stream, we'd like to take a moment to talk about some of the changes we're making based on this feedback, especially regarding the results of the "Final Rodeo" OpenDev. So tune in to hear how we've been improving the game thanks to your help.

Love Thyself: A Horatio Story Playthrough

Many years ago, we made a simple april fools joke: What if there was a dating sim but everybody was a clone of the most perfect being (accoring to himself), Horatio? Somehow (thanks in large part to the efforts of former Amplitude community manager Frogsquadron), this joke became a reality, even if it is a bit less focused on dating a perfect Horatio, and more on surviving the grueling ins and outs of Horatio academy when you have little idea what's going on...

So we decided to subject an unsuspecting Sega colleague to the wild ride that is becoming Horatio live on stream!

Endless Dungeon Stream

We've already taken a moment to talk about the improvements we've been making to the game, but we'd like some more time to show them, so join us for more Endless Dungeon gameplay!

Humankind Update and Endless Scenario

You may have already heard that the next update for Humankind will focus on improving the naval gameplay to make competing for control of the oceans more interesting. In this stream, we want to take a moment to talk about some changes we are making to naval combat, before we spend some time just exploring the Auriga map for Humankind (and trying to escape the dying planet...)

Have fun with our little summer celebration!

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a year ago
Jul 24, 2023, 2:45:33 PM

Always enjoy having these community events during the year. Been 4 years since the last endless summer? Looking forward to the streams.

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