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Question by the Devs #3 - Alternate Monsters

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6 months ago
Feb 1, 2024, 3:32:09 PM

Hello everyone,

Today we have the "latest question" related to the new content we brought alongside Wild Cards Update, the alternative version of certain monsters.

The question by the devs are dedicated thread to talk about specific topics with you, the community. This is a perfect moment for you to share specific concerns, crazy ideas, some balancing suggestions, etc.

Here you have the links to the 2 previous Questions by the Devs, Station Cards and District Drawbacks.


From left to right: Dissolver, Fissioner, Slayer and Ardent Shadow (will be easier when talking about specifics of each of them)

Here are some "open" questions that we think could be nice as an starting point and to help people some guidelines or starting points

  • What do you think overall of the different alternate monsters?
  • Do they make you "force/change/react" a bit different, when compare to other monsters?
  • is there any of them that you think should be buff (perhaps too week when compare)
  • Which of them is your favorite and your "least-liked"? Why?
  • Do you have any ideas for new alternate monsters? 

As I mentioned, those are some questions as example, but please do not hesitate to share any additional feedback you have about the Alternate Monsters.

We will be having around some members of the team reading all your feedback :)

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6 months ago
Feb 2, 2024, 5:35:22 PM

Copy pasting the feedback I sent on the steam forums 

New Monsters:

In general they are all super scary if you are fighting in a small corridor or room. Mov. speed starts to get more interesting, but still no super necessary imo.

I loved how the blur and the bot have strong identities on how they pose a threat to you, it's scary to suddenly see the new blur teleporting behind you and the bot's purple attack chasing you. It creates a good rhythm. The blobs and bugs on a minor scale, a little more generic, but still good.

The 4 of them demand you to pay more attention on positioning and target priority, while also shortly shifting your gameplay (and rewarding you for that) on specific ways to play around them.

On my gameplays the new monsters ended up being the priority target because they strongly disrupted my wave management and this is DELICIOUS, loved this. The only other monsters that I feel did that is the shielded blob, the spider that shoots webs and the blurs in general. Not that every monster needs to be super demanding. If every monster is the priority target, no monster is the priority target.

I think you guys added 4 very interesting new monsters for us to manage. Really refreshing and promising for future tactical possibilities on turrets and weapons.

I would also suggest better visual feedback on turrets disabled. I only found out that one of the blurs could disable turrets cause I saw one of the devs (I think?) mentioning it.


new monster: like the new blobs that die and leave an aoe effect on the floor, a small bug that don't do damage while alive, but is super fast and attach to players/turrets slowing them and consuming its own hp (like a time bomb). When dies leaves poison on the floor. If shoved it gets knocbacked and dies releasing the poison away from you.

new monster: a blob or bug that buffs nearby monsters (give shield every 10s, for example), and when it dies, it explodes giving a small mov speed buff to monsters of the same species, but damaging monster from different ones

New monster or event: Monsters that eat other monsters and get harder and harder to deal with if ignored. It can either stay stationed in a room eating the monsters that run through it. So it can be used as a resource to hold a path. If it eats too many monsters it levels up and starts to move and hunt you.

Or it can hunt other monsters, ignore turrets and heal when eating. When it is full it explodes in a room destroying every turret, generator, making slots useless and shutting down the power.

When this monster is active, the danger meter rises faster. This special monster could be an encounter/event.

Monster modifiers: make monsters either stronger the longer it moves, or weaker the longer it moves. So, you want to either camp close to (or inside) their spawn room or delay the fight as long as possible. This could be REALLY interesting if we had more pathing manipulation, like shutting doors already oppened, zone effective luring turrets (a fake crystal bot to lure monsters), etc. This zone luring turrets could either be very expensive or be a consumable you get at vendors/chests. 

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6 months ago
Feb 6, 2024, 5:03:09 PM

The new alternative monsters are good. I am happy to see that addition was made to the game. I like their design and when you come across them their heightened threat makes them a priority to deal with. Overall i think that they are good, don't have much for complaints about them.
I would say on the part of you AI companion. When dealing with the webhunter and its ranged attack the AI would ignore the fact that it was in the damage cone of the attack and would take multiple attacks without moving. I think that if the AI would take note of the danger and try to stay out of the attack zone it would be a welcome improvement.

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5 months ago
Feb 16, 2024, 9:47:49 PM

1. New bots attacks still follow and fire after death.

2. New blob has same problem as old blob. Hit registration. Unless it's meant to dodge 4 people shooting at it at once.... And all the shots going over it's head.

3.New bug is unnoticed.

4. New blur further points out an issue that no amounts of shooting, shoving, powers and ultimates, replaces a simple dodge. This enemy can ruin a run.

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