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10 months ago Sep 11,2023, 14:04:41 PM

Release of Cultures of Oceania and Bonny Update

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Hey everyone ! 


We hope you’re ready to sail to new shores, because today we are releasing the Bonny Update and the Cultures of Oceania DLC! What treasures can you expect to find in these?


Let’s start with a quick summary of the changes and additions in the Bonny Update: 

  • Reworked Resources: Deposits yield more than one copy, but only a single copy is needed to begin any construction 

  • Reworked Trade: Resources are now transported to your capital on internal trade routes, while international routes connect capitals 

  • Poaching: Use your armies to steal resources from enemy trade routes 

  • Rebalanced Naval Combat: Stronger and faster ships with new abilities 

  • Caribbean Pirates Culture: Yarrrrr! 



That’s already quite exciting, but we also got the Cultures of Oceania DLC for you (available now on Steam, Epic Game Store, and Microsoft Store), so let’s take a closer look at the different cultures in this DLC: 

Pama-Nyungan (Aesthete)

  • Storied Lands 

  • +3 Influence on Landmark parts 

  • +5 Influence on Natural Wonders 

  • Boomerang Throwers 

  • Ranged unit: 18CS, 4 Move, 2 Range 

  • Pathfinder 

  • Expedition

  • Fish Traps 

  • +2 Food 

  • +2 Food per adjacent River 

  • +1 Farmer Slot 

  • -10 Stability 

  • Can be placed anywhere 

  • must be built on a river 

  • districts can be built next to it

Polynesians (Expansionist)

  • Intrepid Navigators 

  • Units are not damaged from being lost at sea 

  • Units lost 50% maximum movement while lost at sea 

  • Units gains +1 Vision Range while lost at sea

  • Faulua 

  • Boarding Vessel, 28CS, 6 Move 

  • Navigator

  • Marae 

  • +3 Influence 

  • -15 Stability per adjacent District 

  • +1 Influence and +2 Faith per Marae in your empire 

  • Can be placed anywhere 

  • Religious District

Rapa Nui (Builder)

  • Makemake’s Eye 

  • +1 Industry on Coastal Water 

  • Applies Makemake’s Eye status to new cities: bonus industry for a few turns

  • Maori Tangata 

  • Melee Unit, 34CS, 4 Move 

  • Sapper: Bonus strength when attacking enemies behind walls

  • Moai 

  • Can be placed anywhere 

  • Religious District 

  • Can be improve two times 

  • Step 1: +5 Faith, +10 Food 

  • Step 2: +10 Faith, +10 Food, +10 Influence 

  • Step 3: +15 Faith, +15 Food, +15 Influence

Maori (Militarist)

  • Thicker Than Water 

  • +30 Stability on cities per ongoing war 

  • -5 Upkeep on units per ongoing war 

  • +1 Combat Strength on units per ongoing war

  • Waka Taua 

  • Naval Transport, 34CS, 6 Move 

  • High Sea: Ignores ocean penalties 

  • Rower’s Defiance: Bonus CS after moving in battles

  • Pa 

  • +5 Food 

  • +10 Fortification 

  • +15 Stability 

  • +2 Combat Strength on adjacent units 

  • +20 Fortification on adjacent districts 

  • Is a garrison 

  • Districts can be built adjacent

Hawaiians (Agrarian)

  • Cape of Feathers 

  • +5 Influence Per Worker 

  • Koa Warriors 

  • Gunner unit, 48CS, 4 Move, 4 Range 

  • Implacable 

  • Loko Kuapa 

  • +1 Food per adjacent Coastal Water 

  • +15 Food per adjacent Ocean 

  • -10 Stability

New Zealanders (Scientist)

  • Call of the Ocean 

  • +20 Science on Coastal Water 

  • Sailing Club 

  • +10 Influence 

  • +10 Stability 

  • +10 Influence per adjacent Coastal Water 

  • +10 Stability per Adjacent Coastal Water 

  • Polar Base 

  • +5 Influence per Researcher 

  • +15 Science per adjacent Sterile Terrain 

  • +1 Researcher Slot 

  • -10 Stability 

  • Counts as Research Quarter 

In addition to these new cultures, the DLC includes four new natural wonders, two new cultures wonders, and 15 new events (and of course new additions to the soundtrack). 


We hope you’ll have fun sailing to distant coasts and exploring new shores! 

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10 months ago
Sep 12, 2023, 6:30:21 PM

What was the point of creating in-game wiki, if you "forgot" to update it with gameplay changes?

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10 months ago
Sep 13, 2023, 3:20:30 PM

Love this update and DLC! Although I am curious why you decided to give the Rapa Nui a Māori emblematic unit? Personally I would have named them Tangata Manu.

Updated 10 months ago.
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10 months ago
Sep 14, 2023, 2:35:33 PM
conorbebe wrote:

Love this update and DLC! Although I am curious why you decided to give the Rapa Nui a Māori emblematic unit? Personally I would have named them Tangata Manu.

Hi Conorbebe, I'm the one who pushed for this decision for a precise reason :

Maori Tangata means "stone carver" in Rapa Nui polynesian and this word fitted well the Emblematic Unit's game design : it's a sapper. The fact that the word Māori is used in the expression doesn't mean it comes from the Māori culture even if, we saw it coming, it can misleads to this idea.

The Tangata Manu was a good option we considered for a time. But this tradition has only been related by 20th century ethnographs and it was not sure it was already in place in the medieval times ! Plus, the Tangata Manu was not per se a warrior, nor someone fighting, so it would have been uneasy to find him a proper role on a battlefield.

I hope this answer your question ;)

Take care

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10 months ago
Sep 15, 2023, 5:41:53 PM

I've just quickly swapped to Caribbean Pirates on forsaken save (AI absolutely launched above me, quickly cutting me off from most of the resources on our continent, vassalizing the other empire and being firmly era ahead of me, tech and all, I'm still getting my bearings with the update) and I have to say, I absolutely adore how campy they are. The Admin Center look is just insanely amusing, I didn't mind them at first, but they're my fav right now.

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10 months ago
Oct 5, 2023, 3:54:16 PM

You guys are doing really great. I'm an old time Civilization player, started playing this genre since Civ2 and has played all the titles/expansions till date by Sid Meiers and have also played Call to Power by Activision. And the new concept you have brought in Humandkind is indeed far superior to the base Civilization Series. When you launched this game it was indeed an unfinished product with lots of serious issues. Also, lack of few cultures became a nuisance if a player chose to play 10 players' single player game in the hardest difficulties. Because then we could only play about same set of cultures every consecutive games. By solving lots of issues, and by bringing more and more cultures into the game, you've really nailed the concept. 

One thing I have started feeling here that I would like to share. Although the game concept is extremely good, I personally think that an era length is kind of very short for many cultures. I know the game allows us to continue a culture for another era, very few can actually do this for the availability of a superior culture or simply for a new emblem building, as early game influence is really important and EB's help in increasing those by a great margin.  

Another thing here - since the game was launched certain cultures proven to be stronger than others. And you've nerfed those cultures, while buffing the other weaker cultures. Not a bad idea. But realistically and historically, some cultures indeed were stronger than others for which they created such a big impact on the world. For example, Egypt and Rome. 

I have a suggestion that can catter both of these things with a single change into the game. 

You can make certain cultures compulsory for two consecutive eras rather than one. For these cultures there wouldn't be an option for changing culture in the second era, but only to upgrade it (and opening the next era's tech tree.) This way several cultures like Egypt and Rome can be made into big powerhouses for the era they are chosen in, but the need of them to be continued for two eras would balance them into the gameplay. You can discuss this idea with your team, and maybe you can refine this idea in a far better concept for the proper implementation into the game. Like you can make some cultures strong for the era they are chosen in, and some bigger powerhouses in the second of their era's too by providing them additional bonuses in the next era, second EB/EU's or additional bonuses to the existing EUs (even the ones already built.) I believe this concept can bring some positive changes into the game. Egypt can retain some of the nerfs it faced recently, and Rome can be given additional bonuses to make them seriously strong for their need of expansion. You can even make something like Rome to be a culture compulsory for 3 eras, but will provide 2 EBs and 2 EUs spread across the later era's tech tree. 

This change will slightly hurt your selling point of 'Million' types of civilizations. But honestly, that's only a selling point. Gamers don't feel that way. For them selection of different cultures is only for different bonuses they receive in-game. And honestly, no one will ever play this game even for a thousand ways, as some cultures will always have good affinity to be paired with some others and will always be played together. Moreover, the addition of so many new cultures have increased the quantum several times than a Million already. But if you want to keep the 'Million' tag, you can consider adding one more era into the game. Personally I think the game already has good enough eras. 

Updated 10 months ago.
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7 months ago
Dec 14, 2023, 4:55:23 PM

Nice, I'm giving this another go and looking forwards to anything Royal Navy!   I'm presuming you have to start a new game or will it work with existing?

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