Hey everyone,

Today we are releasing a beta version of the modding tools alongside the Fabius Maximus Update!

You can find them in your Steam library as the Humankind Modding Tools, but they will also require you to install a version of the Unity hub and editor and have a valid unity license.

You can find a guide on how to set them up and create your first mod in the Modding Tools Basics blogpost. This is only a short guide for now, and we are aiming to have a more comprehensive user manual when the modding tools are officially released.

However, as we are still actively working on and testing these tools, please bear in mind that you may encounter various issues when using or making mods:

  • Opening the mod browser while any mods are already activated causes stability problems. Pleae use it only with no mods active.
  • There is no way to save mod setups between games. You will have to manually reactivate them every time.
  • Mods are not automatically loaded when loading a save game. You will need to activate them manually before loading a save.
  • Entering too many characters in the text fields of the "Config" tab will render the mod unusable. Please use the fields in the "Export" tab to enter your full descriptions/changelog instead.
  • Modded savegames become unusable if the mod is updated. There is currently no way to opt out of automatic mod updates.
  • There are no compatibility checks between mods. Be careful about mods that modify the same game content.
  • Mods with the same name cause User Interface issues and only one of them will be shown.
  • Mods cannot currently be downloaded in the Mac version.

The Multiplayer lobby does not show if a match uses mods.

You may also run into problems while using the mod tools. If you do, please report these in the Bug Reports section starting your thread title with [Mod Tools], and include the text of any error messages you receive in the unity editor.

Looking forward to what you create with these tools!